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Pom Pom Quarterly 1 Reboot -neuleohjekirjanen on brittiläisen Pom Pom Quarterly -lehden viisivuotissynttäreiden kunniaksi tehty uusi versio lehden loppuunmyydystä ensimmäisestä numerosta.

Pom Pom Quarterly 1 Reboot -neuleohjekirjanen sisältää ohjeet seuraavilta neulesuunnittelijoilta: JULIE ASSELIN // OLD MAIDEN AUNT // SHILASDAIR // QUINCE & CO. // THE UNCOMMON THREAD // VIOLA

Our premiere issue, first published in 2012 and until now out of print, is back! The original designs have been cleverly reworked, sizes added, and knit in new yarns. Think of it as your favourite cardigan, fresh from a wash and block, with all the pills removed, and brand new buttons to boot. This collector’s edition of the magazine is a must for any lovers of Pom Pom and print.
The reboot features all-new photography of the five classic patterns designed by editors Meghan Fernandes and Lydia Gluck, and includes a new version of the cover star Netherton as a pullover too! Neatly finished with a sewn spine, an extra special touch to enjoy when it sits on your bookshelf alongside your other Pom Poms!
Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper
– includes digital download –
recipes, articles, tutorials + more!