Estuary Skirt -ompelukaava | EN



  • Painettu paperinen ompelukaava amerikkalaiselta Sew Liberatedilta
  • Sisältää kuvalliset ompeluohjeet englanniksi pahvikuoressa
  • Kaava-arkilla koot 0–30 (vastaa Suomen kokoja n. 30–60)
  • Vaikeusaste: aloittelija–keskitaso
  • Yksi kaava kulkee kätevästi kirjeenä

11 varastossa

Sew Liberatedin rennossa ja mukavassa Estuary Skirt -hamekaavassa on reilusti kokovaihtoehtoja. Ompelukaava sisältää kaksi eri taskuvaihtoehtoa, ja kaunislinjaiseen hameeseen voi ommella oikean tai valenappilistan.

Kankaan menekki n. 140 cm leveällä kankaalla ohjeenmukaisella kaavanasettelulla:

Versiot A sekä B:
Koot 0–8: 2 m
Koot 10–30: 2,25 m

Valmistaja kuvailee kaavaa näin:

The Estuary Skirt is a beginner-friendly, body-friendly skirt pattern that you’ll feel like wearing every day of the week. It comes in sizes 0-30 and features a comfortable elastic back. The button front placket, which can be sewn with buttonholes OR as a faux, buttonhole-free placket, makes this skirt a great project for all levels of sewists.

Wear it with plain or graphic knit tees, woven Strata Tops, or warm it up in the winter with a cropped sweater or sweatshirt, leggings and boots. Effortless outfits. And big ol’ pockets – instructions for either patch pockets or in-seam pockets are provided. The skirt can also be lengthened or shortened to your heart’s content.

Fabric and materials recommendations:

The Estuary Skirt os designed for women fabrics. Look for mid-weight linens and linen blends, soft cottons, silk noil, rayon challis, cotton irate, and light- to mid-weight chambray or denim. Note that if you want to extend the skirt length beyond the provided length (25-1/4″ – 64 cm), you will need to purchase extra fabric. When adding length to the skirt, for each inch of added length, add 5″ – 13 cm of length to your fabric usage requirement.


5/8″ – 1,6 cm buttons OR 3/4″ – 1,9 cm buttons
Optional Wonder Tape, 1/4 – 6 cm wide, approximately 4 yards – 3,7 m

1-1/2″ – 3,8 cm wide soft elastic, for back waistband. We recommend Dritz soft elastic.

If your chosen fabric is directional, has a nap, or for design matching, extra fabric may be required.